What is Qigong (Chee - gong)?

Yin yang bagua

Qigong translates to ‘cultivating life force energy.’ With its origin over 3000 years ago, Qigong teachings have been passed down through many lineages and generations. There are different forms including movement, meditation, or as a medicinal focus. Qigong practices cultivate qi (life force) from the earth and cosmos, weaving support through the 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) to bring a balanced energetic state. Tai Chi is a well known movement style of Qigong, and Acupuncture supports qi flow through the organ meridians. Research has shown many benefits from Qigong practice, these include lowered cortisol, increased heart health, decreased stress, boosted immune system, and improved circulation. People often describe during and after practice feeling calm and grounded.

Ancient New Direction uses Qigong as a pathway for deep support and inner peace. Each offering has unique benefits. 1:1 healing provides a treatment specific to your needs at the time, cultivating a rich experience for your soul and body. Classes and retreats provide the power of a group field in cultivating inner growth and alchemy on an individual level with the support of a group. Coaching provides a supportive space for you to integrate skills into your daily life.

Watch this video for more information on Qigong


"Since seeing Debbie, I feel lighter, more clear in my thoughts, and have noticed an increase in energy that has helped me stay focused on my personal goals."

"When I practice these movements, I find a stillness that calms me even when chaos is around me. I tap into a soulful connection that brings a deep sense of peace.

Mind - Body - Spirit Transformation

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