Meet your needs

Each option is designed for you to receive a customized experience. Choose from self-guided meditations, 1:1 treatment sessions, group classes, or mix-n-match!

Pregnancy Self-Guided Meditation

In just 10-20 minutes a week you can reduce stress, tend to your spiritual and emotional growth, and cultivate a loving connection with your baby through mindfulness practices, visualizations and interactive exercises. Recordings follow your pregnancy & are great for partners too!

Qigong Class Movement & Meditation

Qigong translates to "cultivating life force energy" and has been passed down for centuries to support mind-body-spirit health. We'll combine nourishing breathwork, movement for whole body health, and guided meditation for relaxation and inner-balance.

Energy-Body Treatment Sessions

Individual treatments provide deep nurturing based in ancient 5 Element Qigong to aid in releasing stress and finding calm and relaxation. Nourish physical, emotional, mental, and spirit levels by bringing balance and vitality to your meridian systems, chakras, and multiple other energetic fields.

Development & Attachment Education

Personalized question & education sessions with you and your baby using evidence-based activities to cultivate and strengthen a secure connection. Activities support you in feeling confident and present from day one, laying the foundation for your child to flourish. All family members are welcome.

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