Individualized Healing & Wellness Options

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Guided Meditation


Get ready to relax!

Pregnancy is a sacred and special time, this time of transition for your little one to join you is unique and will only happen once.

Each recording is designed to enfold a blanket of support around you throughout the pregnancy. These unique practices weave together knowledge from 5 Element healing, neuroscience, building healthy secure attachments, and self-nurturing.

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Holistic Healing

Energy-Body Session

Treatments provide 5-Element support of chakras, energy fields, meridian systems, and more for your mind-body-eneryg-spirit.


  • Increase energy
  • Reduce stress and anxiety
  • Nourish organs and tissues
  • Increase focus and clarity
  • Deep restfulness
  • Improve overall well-being
  • Strengthen immune system
Pregnant women in yoga class. Meditation and calm.


Movement & Meditation

**Debbie is currently engaged in an intensive study program with Qigong master Daisy Lee. 

Please check back in the spring for new class offerings.**

Qigong translates to “cultivating life force energy,” and has been passed down for centuries through many lineages to support mind-body-spirit health. Classes include gentle movements and guided meditation for life balance.

Mother holding infant close to her chest cuddling and nurturing them.

Nurturing Session

family time

Personalized sessions with you and your baby to support their development and your attachment together. All sessions bring intention to lay the foundation for your child and family to flourish. Sessions can:

Cultivate a secure connection together

Create a strong foundation for infant social-emotional development

Teach Qigong practices to support your family’s overall health

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