Self-Guided Meditations

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Month 9

Each of these recordings are made to intentionally support you during pregnancy in creating a fulfilling, spiritual, loving relationship with yourself and your baby as you grow together! Set aside some nurturing time during the day, or listen as you fall asleep at night. Enjoy!

The images below were taken at the recording site for that week’s recording.

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Week 36

Set intention for the week

As you are preparing for your baby to be born, this practice brings focus for the week from your heart of your intentions of what you want to bring into life. (Apologies for the couple of times the wind picks up in the recording.)

Week 37

Rainbow chakras

A standing or sitting practice guiding you through a centering practice and then bringing focus to each of your chakras.  Support cauldrons within the energy body providing the opportunity to open, clear, balance, and restore each chakra. 

Week 38

Supporting you

After starting with a centering practice, this week we recognize that you can be both a loving, caring, nurturing mother and have challenging and difficult times. As you ready to have your baby on the outside world, or if your baby has already arrived, hold that you are not alone in motherhood – lean into supports you need.

Week 39

Send energy to your baby

Starting with a centering practice to guide you to a calm space, you will then learn how to do a la chi to gather energy to share with your baby. This energy is the available for your baby to use as they need for their greatest and highest good.

Week 40

Meeting your baby on the outside world

During this imminent time of change in life, this reflective practice takes time for you to be held as you prepare to hold your baby. Your baby has been nurtured within you for many months and now you get ready to meet your baby on the outside world. Honor your own life experiences as you venture to this next stage of motherhood.

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