Self-Guided Meditations

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Month 8

Each of these recordings are made to intentionally support you during pregnancy in creating a fulfilling, spiritual, loving relationship with yourself and your baby as you grow together! Set aside some nurturing time during the day, or listen as you fall asleep at night. Enjoy!

The images below were taken at the recording site for that week’s recording.

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Week 32

Inner wisdom in your birthing experience

You likely have expectations of how you would like this time to go. In pregnancy there are somethings we have control over and some that we do not. Tapping into you and your baby’s inherent wisdom in the birthing process as you move closer to connecting and welcome your sweet one(s) into this outside world.

Small purple flowers in field outside in nature

Week 33

Centering practice of being held

A time to nurture you. Connect with your inner consciousness in a loving way holding gratitude for all that you are. A practice of supporting yourself from a space of unconditional love and absolute acceptance. Sit or lie down for this practice.

Week 34

Body appreciation

Your body continues to adjust during your pregnancy as you grow life inside of you, honoring the wisdom of your body. A guided practice of appreciation for your sacred vessel in which your baby is developing within. This week sets a foundation for a regular practice of holding an appreciation for your physical body.

Week 35

Connect with sense of awe

The value of connecting with something larger and greater than ourselves, and having a connection with a greater whole can be very powerful.  This reflective recording uses nature as a guided practice to connect with the feeling of awe.

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