Self-Guided Meditations

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Month 7

Each of these recordings are made to intentionally support you during pregnancy in creating a fulfilling, spiritual, loving relationship with yourself and your baby as you grow together! Set aside some nurturing time during the day, or listen as you fall asleep at night. Enjoy!

The images below were taken at the recording site for that week’s recording.

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Week 28

Guided imagery of meeting your baby

This practice is a guided imagery of imagining what the moment will be like when you get to connect with your baby on the outside world. Honoring the feelings that arise,  expectations you may be holding, and value life experiences that influence these sacred moments. Honor this special time of you holding your baby, and your baby being held.

Week 29

Value your feelings

Sensory input can have a really big impact into our ability to regulate our emotions and our experiences. We each have our own processing of the world around us through how our body interprets input received. Bring awareness to sensory experiences to support you in thinking about how you take in the world, and think of your baby as their own individual self.

Week 30

Shen cycle

There are two recordings for this week.  One is an introduction to this practice and the second is the practice itself.

This guided practice was learned through The Center Place shared by Damaris Jarboux. This practice is a based on the 5 elements (wood, fire, earth, metal, water) and focuses on major organs to nourish and support a balance throughout your body system – physically, emotionally, and a general balance throughout life. This recording starts with a centering practice then moves into following the shen cycle through the organs.

Week 31

Emptying your mind

Do you find there are times when you wish you could turn your mind off? This powerful practice guides you through emptying your mind to increase a sense of relaxation with permission to let go of busy thoughts and let your mind and body take a break.

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