Self-Guided Meditations

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Month 6

Each of these recordings are made to intentionally support you during pregnancy in creating a fulfilling, spiritual, loving relationship with yourself and your baby as you grow together! Set aside some nurturing time during the day, or listen as you fall asleep at night. Enjoy!

The images below were taken at the recording site for that week’s recording.

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Week 23

Raft of support

Begin this practice by settling into the present moment to release external  distractions and worries and slow down for this time. Experience a guided relaxation as you are held effortlessly by water, connect with your baby, and surround yourself with any supports you need at this time.

Week 24

Body nurturing

As your baby’s physical body is developing, this practice brings awareness to your body and how to support it physically in releasing stress and tension. You will be supported in listening to your body and support in letting go of any stagnation as you shift to movement.

Week 25

5 Element lung support

As your baby’s lungs are developing inside of you, this practice brings awareness to your lungs! Using a 5 element focus, you will support yourself holistically on the metal element during this practice.

Week 26

Egg practice

There are two recordings for this week.  One is an introduction to this practice and the second is the practice itself.

This is such a foundational practice it is offered again at this point in the program. The first recording is an introduction to the egg practice as learned from The Center Place with Damaris Jarboux. Other teachers that contributed to this practice being offered are Annie Roberts and Sherry Bauer.

Starting with a centering practice to support you in landing in at this time, you are then guided through occupying your energetic space. This is a powerful foundational practice for supporting your inner balance and filtering what is for your greatest and highest good.

Week 27

Mindfulness of taste

It is around this time your baby’s taste buds are developing.  During this practice you will be guided in a mindfulness practice to reflect on the sense of taste and the journey this provides as you prepare for special times together with your baby.

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