Self-Guided Meditations

Young pregnant black woman seated on the floor touching her pregnnt belly- African people

Month 4

Each of these recordings are made to intentionally support you during pregnancy in creating a fulfilling, spiritual, loving relationship with yourself and your baby as you grow together! Set aside some nurturing time during the day, or listen as you fall asleep at night. Enjoy!

The images below were taken at the recording site for that week’s recording.

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Week 14

Spiritual Connections

This practice guides us in a spiritual connection with something larger & greater than us.  great practice to do outside in the sun or moonlight, but not required. Standing practice, but can be done seated. Include picture of where third eye chakra is located. Whole-body energy Balance and nurturing

Week 15

Resting in stillness

Listen and rest as the sounds of nature surround you and you are guided to a space of peacefulness and stillness. This is an excellent calming practice to do as you are winding down at the end of the day or taking a break from the busy momentum of life. As you practice stillness, what is your baby’s experience? Does your baby rest at the same time as you, or are they more active?

Week 16

Connecting through our eyes

Follow guided active eye exercises, and then allow your mind to explore thinking about the notion of eye sight as you are supported to relax and lessen worry thoughts.

Week 17


As your baby’s fingerprints are developing, reflect on the ways that your baby may be similar to or different from you. Holding space for this level of awareness provides value to preparation for motherhood and honoring the individuality for your child as they blossom in life.

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