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Ancient New Direction is here for the entire family, starting from the beginning.​ We believe in you feeling supported and empowered.

Choose from a variety of healing & wellness options.

Each pregnancy is a once in a lifetime opportunity to let yourself be nurtured and empowered and provide for your baby from the very beginning. Let the Self-Guided Meditations give you a step-by-step process to relax, ground, and increase inner-trust in only 10-20 minutes a week.

Energy-body treatments provide deep nurturing based in ancient 5-Element Qigong to aid in releasing stress and finding calm and relaxation. Nourish physical, emotional, mental, and spirit levels by bringing balance and vitality to your meridian systems, chakras, and multiple other energetic fields.

Join our circle at Qigong Movement & Meditation Class for an opportunity of rest, restore & reconnect. Each class includes: nourishing breathwork, movement for whole body health, and guided meditation for relaxation and inner-balance. This class is for the whole community and all abilities are welcome.

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In our current world where feelings of disconnection and worry are magnified, I am so honored to bring forward this amazing program to support women and their families during this once in a lifetime sacred window.

If a community values its children, it must cherish its mothers.

John Bowlby

feel supported

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