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You can purchase the recordings today!  Or schedule a free consultation meeting with Ancient New Direction to explore any questions you may have and if the program is a good fit for you.

Schedule a free consultation to ask questions you have about the program and explore if it would be a good fit for you. Worst case scenario, you’re just out the time from the phone call. Best case scenario, you find it is a good fit and you meet some other amazing women and feel deeply supported on this amazing journey of motherhood!

Debbie Mayer is well respected in working with perinatal women and families. She has specific education on supporting attachment relationships and has worked with adults and families with very young children for close to 20 years. Debbie is well versed in the needs of mothers during the sacred time of pregnancy, and as mothers transition with the birth of their child(ren). Over the past four years she has worked with many individuals teaching centering practices and providing energy-body sessions to support overall health.

This depends on which level you purchase. If you are involved with Level 2 or 3, there are 8 total circles with the same group of women (4 during pregnancy and 4 postpartum).  Specific dates vary depending on when you enter the program.

The Sacred Motherhood Circles are time to authentically connect with other expectant mothers. Each circle includes a guided energy practice, and time to share stories and ask questions with each other. 

Qigong energy-body healing nourishes physical, emotional, mental, and spirit levels by working with meridian systems, chakras, and other energetic fields. Watch this video, Discovering Qigong for more information.

Unfortunately no. As the circles are designed to provide the opportunity for emotional safety they will be kept consistent. There will be opportunities at Community Gatherings each year to expand your network of mommas and families.

While the program provides valuable space for connection with others, learning tools to support yourself, and opportunities for energy-body healing; Ancient New Direction is not therapy. If you find you are having symptoms of depression or anxiety (including Postpartum Depression or Anxiety) it is recommended for you to talk with your doctor and/or a licensed mental health professional about your concerns to find the right level of care for you.

Yes! You can continue working with Debbie through energy-body sessions. And, there will be Community Gatherings where you can meet up with women from your circle and other families who are a part of the Ancient New Direction family.

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