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Coaching can help with..

decreasing anxiety

finding balance

navigating life transitions

feeling more connected

letting go of old patterns

Coaching services are a welcomed addition to Ancient New Direction.

Debbie has over 20 years of experience supporting individuals on their growth and healing journeys. Coaching provides individualized sessions to raise your frequency and increase gratification in life. Weaving in nature’s wisdom through the 5 elements, sessions can combine talk, movement, meditation, and energy healing in guiding the life shifts you are seeking.

How does coaching differ from psychotherapy?

Coaching often focuses on increasing competence in a skill or enhancing a particular aspect of your life. In working together for coaching, you will share your hopes and desires for how you would like to feel or function following sessions. Debbie will collaborate with you to release old patterns and increase current skills, so you can leave sessions feeling refreshed and having a greater sense of inner balance and connection. Qigong practices can be included to heal patterns from past generations and earlier life experiences. 

Therapy typically focuses on treatment of mental illness, emotional dysregularion, and relationship dynamics. Therapy is typically guided by treating a diagnosis, and can focus on history of life events and relationships. While Debbie is also a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, coaching sessions are not therapy. Should therapy present as something recommended, Debbie can provide you with resources in the community.


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