Qigong Movement & Meditation Class


Debbie is currently engaged in an intensive study program with Qigong master Daisy Lee. 

Please check back in the spring for new offerings. 

In the meantime, Una Vida in Niwot offers Qigong by other instructors and many other classes that may be of interest.

Rest, Restore, Reconnect

Join our circle for movement and meditation – all abilities welcome!


In person at Una Vida in Niwot across from Niwot Market (available via Zoom by request)

Each class includes: Nourishing breathwork, Movement for whole body health, and Guided meditation for relaxation and inner-balance. Qigong translates to “cultivating life force,” and has been passed down for centuries through many lineages to support mind-body-spirit health. We’ll do a combination of gentle movements and guided meditation to bring balance and flow of qi to bring a calming end to your day and fill you up for days to come!

Reduce stress and anxiety

Nourish organs and tissues 

Support qi (energy) flows

Strengthen your immune system

Tune into your mind-body-energy-spirit health


calm person, grounded, heart center, coaching

Imagine navigating life filled with love and light...

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