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Centering Practice

Centering is the foundation for increasing inner-trust and tuning in for inter guidance. The more we practice centering the more we are able to walk through life’s experiences connected and grounded.

This recording guides you through connecting in with your physical body, clearing your mind, and bringing awareness to your heart center. 

As we learn to lean into our heart center, we lean into our space of unconditional love and acceptance, the center of all places and states of being.

Two-Pole Practice

Two-pole refers to our connection on this physical earth between the energetic poles of Mother Earth and the celestial bodies all of which embody true life force. This practice acknowledges our unique experience as we find our walk between these two poles each and every day. We find both a connection to the source of life above us, and grounding with Mother Earth who brings for life in all of nature around us. 

These recordings are based on Qigong teachings learned from The Center Place in Boulder, CO. They are a guided practice, yet follow your own pace; and please discuss any health or mental health concerns you may have with your healthcare providers.

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